Warehouse Work Parties

Over the last few weeks, RCB volunteers have been busy at our offsite warehouse moving bicycles — lots of bicycles, well more than a thousand — to a new space within the warehouse.

The photograph above is from our December 3 work party, about which Dan Lill wrote:

Mega kudos to all involved in the Flint Street move today. We transformed 2 rooms, the one that we moved from and the one into which we moved. It was a wonderful effort not only by the RCB folks but also by our new friends from the Bike Zone as well as some from Xerox. I would never have imagined that we would have gotten that far. Thanks and blessings to you all. Ibuprofen all the way around!!!

Thanks to that work party, and others before and after, we are well on the way to completing a Herculean task.