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Yard Art for RCB!

signage1RCB Volunteer John Stewart and his wife Karen Frutiger have prompted their Brighton neighbors to donate bicycles to RCB with this piece of “functional yard art” (created by Karen). John writes, “Since May we have gathered about 20 ‘above average’ donations and up to about five parts bikes.” Many thanks to John and Karen!


Dan Lill at TEDxRochester 2014

On November 15,¬†Dan Lill, our director, presented a talk at TEDxRochester¬†about how it’s not (only) about the bikes, but also about the community impact. We will post a link to a video of Dan’s talk when it’s available. In the meantime, you can listen to Dan giving a preview of his talk on Evan Dawson’s WXXI show Connections. (Dan appears at about the 8:30 minute mark.)


Picture by Hamson Photography