Officers & Directors

Board of Directors

  • Dan Lill, Director
    Retired Special Education teacher, Rochester School for the Deaf
  • Tim Kearney, Assistant Director, Volunteer Coordinator
    Retired auto worker, Rochester Products Corporation
  • Bill Cochrane, Treasurer
    Retired Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Caldwell Manufacturing Company
  • Bill D’Anza, Parts Manager
    Retired Chief of Mental Health Treatment Services, Rochester Psychiatric Center
  • Chuck Fujita, Lead Mechanic
    Retired high school mathematics teacher, Allendale Columbia School
  • Alan Hanford
    Owner, Penfield Fitness & Racquet Club
  • Steve Sparer, Chief Mechanic, Shop Manager
    Retired Senior Product Design and Development Engineer, Eastman Kodak Company
  • Dave Teegarden, Lead Mechanic
    Retired polymer chemist, Eastman Kodak Company
  • Dave Weagley
    Retired machine design engineer, Gleason Works
  • Gary Young, Lead Mechanic
    Former reporter, The National Law Journal


  • Carl Christensen, Grantwriter; Editor, Spokes & Folks Newsletter
    Licensed clinical social worker/licensed marriage and family therapist in private practice
  • Fred Sauter, Lead Mechanic, Sales Manager
    Retired Organic Chemist, Eastman Kodak Company